sqlPerspectives, the blog, was created by three SQL Server professionals, Richard Rodriguez, Chris Shaw and Jeremy Lowell. 

The purpose of this blog will be to walk through the book “SQL Server MVP Deep Dives” chapter by chapter and provide perspectives from the three contributors to the blog plus one guest blogger, on a weekly basis.  We will begin with chapter 1. 

This blog was inspired in part by the quality of the material but more so the purpose of the book was an outreach.  The proceeds of this book are all donated to the charity War Child.  If you have not yet purchased this book and you are reading this.  Stop.  Go to this url www.SQLServerMVPDeepDives.com and buy the book.  Once the book is in your hands, read the preface.  Once you have done that, dive into the excellent material with us and let’s all learn a thing or three.

We are actively looking for guest bloggers.  If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger for a chapter, please send an e-mail to Jeremy@DataRealized.com or sqlshaw@comcast.net or richard2912@comcast.net.  The schedule and additional information about being a guest blogger can be found here:  https://sqlperspectives.wordpress.com/guest-blogger-of-the-week-info/


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