More on Partitioning

Partitioning for manageability…Having to deal with large tables and expecting performance to be optimal can be a pretty tough task. I was supporting a client that kind of had this scenario where they had a ton of data and no delay when asking for it. It was actually one of my peers on this blog that introduced me to data partitioning. What ended up happening is that the data was partitioned off by date – Jan 1, 2010 – March 31, 2010 on one partition, etc… you get the picture. It helped tremendously by not bogging down the system and kept data access optimal (there was a lot of other “tweaks” which I will not get into).

This next chapter by Dan Guzman does an excellent job of explaining how to manage a large amount of data with partitioning. He goes through execution plans to show the differences with partitioned and non-partitioned data and the costs of each. Of course there are examples that you can try out yourselves. He also writes about some “gotchas” and offers tips so that you can “achieve a successful partitioning implementation”.

This is a great read just like all the others. Don’t forget to try the examples. Thank you for reading this week. Have a good one.


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