Chapter 38 — Successfully Implementing Kerberos Delegation

MVP Scott Stauffer does a fantastic job of explaining what Kerberos delegation is, the issues it solves, and provides an extensive list of resources to close out the chapter.

This is the best resource I have found for understanding Kerberos and how to implement it.  K. Brian Kelley has an excellent article on SQLServerCentral that is good, but not quite as in-depth as this chapter.  Scott lays out the process logically beginning with how and why he came to understand the process, taking you through what Kerberos is, what issues Kerberos delegation solves, and providing a business scenario that Kerberos will solve.

Kerberos is a complex topic which Scott makes simple in his section Understanding Kerberos Delegation.  He explains SPN’s (Service Principal Names), permissions needed to work with SPN’s, and the tools you will need.

Scott very clearly takes you through implementing Kerberos from beginning to end.  He includes great screen shots and code snippets along with explaining WHY you need to go through each of the steps.

Scott also included a section on validating your delegation setup using a tool called DelegConfig.  This tool is run on the client and web tiers and will validate that Kerberos delegation is configured correctly and working. 

Finally Scott provides 3 pages of resources to use to learn about and implement Kerberos delegation which includes: tools, blog posts, TechNet articles, MS Help & Support articles, white papers, and webcasts.

This chapter is really a one-stop shop for people who need to understand and implement Kerberos delegation. 

Jack is a SQL Server professional currently serving with New Tribes Mission in Sanford, FL. Jack has been working with SQL Server for over 10 years and has worked with versions 6.5 to 2008. Jack is active in the SQL Server Community as President of OPASS, a member of the 2010 PASS Summit Program Committee, and has spoken at several user groups and SQLSaturdays. Jack also blogs regularly about SQL Server and the SQL Server Community at http://wiseman-wiseguy.blogspot.com


2 Responses to “Chapter 38 — Successfully Implementing Kerberos Delegation”

  1. October 21, 2010 at 3:51 pm

    Wow, Thanks. I must admit it was a lot of fun writing the chapter. K. Brian Kelley’s articles were a great help for me initially – He is an AWESOME contributor to the community. I wrote the article to get a deeper understanding and today there are even more great resources out there on the web – use your favourite search engine. I did run into a challenge, after writing the chapter – quite a shortcoming if the account which SQL Server runs under is not a local admin (which I suppose it should not be.) It needs to have read/wrote permission to make changes to the SPN on SQL Server Startup, otherwise, Ultimate Failure. See Step #3 of this KB to get things looked after:

    I hope to do a Video Blog on this.

    Thanks for the write-up, Jack (A.K.A. @UncleBiguns)

    (A.K.A. @sqlSocialite)

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