Reusing space

Reusing space in a table…While reading this chapter, I kept thinking about the TRIM functionality for SSDs (sold state drives). Where a file is written to the drive and if it is deleted, the OS will recognize that and then release the space so that it can be used again (really a high-level overview, it does a little more than that but that is the basic function). SQL Server has a similar function when is comes to releasing previously used space. It is automatic when it comes to reusing space but in certain cases, you will have to “force” SQL Server to free up that used space. Joe Webb is the author of this chapter titled “Reusing space in a table”. This is another great informative read because when it comes to data and releasing the space that was being used, I really never gave it any thought. When it comes to SQL Server not releasing the space, the author writes about the function that can be used to release the space. Read this chapter and try the examples that are provided, it is a great way to see what can be going on with your databases and the space that it is using.

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