Practical Auditing

Practical auditing in SQL Server 2008…Capturing audit items in your system is, I think, absolutely necessary. This is necessary in my case because I sometimes get sidetracked (either by drive-bys or hot issues) and have to remember if I ran this or that against a database. So, if I need to, I will query the ddl log to check myself.  This next chapter by Jasper Smith talks about SQL Server 2008 and how to setup auditing within it. He steps through in how to setup and capture server audits, from the Windows Security to the File targets. Also setting up auditing items on the database level is written out in this chapter. Not to mention how to look up the data that you just captured. It’s like being “big brother” on your systems which I really don’t mind. There is nothing wrong with spot-checking once in a while to see who or what is accessing your systems.

On a side note, in the summary of the chapter, the author’s website is provided www.sqldbatips.com. I went over to check it out (as with the others that have provided their website info in this book) and I found some really cool items in there. Spend a few minutes to take a look at the site.

I must apologize for missing last week. I was vacationing in Las Vegas and California and was having a grand ole’ time.

Thank you for reading this week. Have a good one.


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