Come up to Speed with DMV’s

Aaron Bertrand is always a good read no matter what he is working on, and now he is going into one of my favorite topics. I like this topic so much that I posted a few DMV’s on my blog and I plan to do another in the next few days. What makes DMV’s so great? They take information about that SQL Server and present it in a format that most everyone understands, you know the Select statement. There is so much that you can learn about your system, how it is performing and when it needs help. If you need more from your DMV there is some adjustments you can make. For example I wanted to see the worst performing procs on my system. I took a DMV ran a query on it and turned it around to insert that data in a table where I can report on it.

Why is Aaron so good? His work is clear and very easy to understand, a neat trait that I find in his work is he doesn’t just make a statement and expect you to take it as it is, he explains why, Check out the first DMV’s he has on the favorites list. Not only does he tell you what it returns, but also why this one is one he uses a lot. Aaron thanks for the great chapter.


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