Chapter 27 – Automating SQL Server Management using SMO

Timing… so much in life and career comes down to timing doesn’t it? 

Allen White (Blog | Twitter) could not have timed this chapter any better for me.  I’ve been implementing a policy management for a client across many servers and even mulitple domains and I’ve been thinking to myself, there has got to be a better way to deploy and manage all of these policies.  Viola.  SMO. 

In this chapter, Allen walks through the pre-reqs, introduces and then dives right into real life practical examples of leveraging the SMO libraries via PowerShell.  Again this book does not disappoint as the prior chapter was on Powershell and this one is using powershell to illustrate the power, agility and scalibility of SMO.

There are many pieces of information that I didn’t know about SMO in the pages of this chapter but one of them I thought was very interesting…  Via SMO, when restoring a database, the location of the default data and log file paths is available.  There’s no other way to get that in a restore process… pretty cool.

If you find yourself using Powershell and/or managing a large number of SQL Servers, I would dive into this chapter, become familiar with SMO and, in time, find yourself with your nights and weekends available to put your feet up, work on that personal project or get to the honey-do list.

Great chapter Allen, thank-you.


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