SMOhhh It Can Do That?

I always have this re-occurring question or theme when I work and talk with other professionals. I look at the SQL Server Product and it is just growing and growing each and every release, and to be honest I don’t understand how some of the experts keep up with everything that is coming out. My knowledge base is usually defined by what I am working on or with at that time. SMO is one of these topics that I wish I knew so much more about. What I am getting out of this chapter is that a lot of SQL Server’s Management can be scripted. What does this mean to you?

Think about the power and flexibility you know have when you can connect to a system and start working with SMO and PowerShell to back up your databases. If you were to use the UI it would take forever to create 100 Maintenance Plans, but with SMO, everything is scripted. How easy is this to do? Well I cannot speak first hand because I have not used it, but MVP Allen White has. He included the script right there in the chapter for you. I know what you are thinking… Backing up the database is great and all, but how do you restore it, well Allen included a script for that as well.

With PowerShell and SMO I am having to dust off the learning cap and really address the way I am managing my servers. This chapter is going to make sure I am well on my way.


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