Powershell in SQL Server

Powershell in SQL Server…I attended a speaking session where the topic was around using Powershell in SQL. Prior to that I have not used Powershell, I have heard of it but never used it. So while I sat in the session and I learned more about Powershell, I started to think about “what can this be used for in the environment I am currently supporting?” Much to my surprise, I was able to come up with quite a few things. I never knew that Powershell was a powerful little program. Needless to say, I started trying out Powershell after that session but unfortunately didn’t spend as much time on it as I had hoped.

This next chapter really renewed my interest in Powershell. Why did it renew my interest? Well, it would really work well here in my current job and I really like working with cmd line interface. The author, Richard Siddaway, writes about a few of the common features in Powershell that you would use. He also provides a list of issues that beginners usually run into and, of course, scripts to try. My favorite is there is a section on how to access SQL data with Powershell and he explains every line and what that particular line is doing or what data it is calling. If you are a developer, you could probably decipher the code but to a non-developer, it’s all just code that is supposed to do something.

If you are interested in Powershell, this is great chapter to read to get you started.

Thank you for reading this week. Have a great one.


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