Power Shell Power

In a land not so far away in a time not too long ago we were introduced to Power Shell. A set of features that I believe started as an add on for Exchange. This tool is supposed to be so powerful that it can leap terabyte databases in a single leap. It obviously is a feature that many are now using, you can tell by just looking at the number of people working with it. Do a search on the internet and you have more information than my mere mind can handle. I have to be honest I have not started to use power shell but this chapter has motivated me to start. I think my life is going to change…


The day after I finished this chapter I sat in a session that Kevin Cox from the SQL Cat team was delivering at the local user group. He told of stories where companies have leverage the usage of power shell to the point where the install of SQL Server is a single statement. Now I may not have countless servers, and I really don’t need to single click to install, but I do need a place to start. And that place is here with the PowerShell in SQL Server chapter by Richard Siddaway. Right from the bat he has my attention, A simple call out note that lets me know I don’t have to be a .NET developer to use this power house.

AS I move down the chapter the idea of automating my maintenance via PowerShell has grabbed my attention. Richard does a good job of pointing out where I may need some extra help from books online. I have to say I believe he gave me a great place to start.


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