What does it mean to be a DBA

What does it mean to be a DBA…I get asked a lot what I do for work. My usual high level response is “I work in IT.” That is usually followed up with a tech support question or another question asking specifically what I do. If I get asked that I will explain that I am a database administrator and I manage data. The conversation can go on from there with me going into specifics if the person is genuinely interested. With those specifics, I can go into some detail with DBA work. This next chapter by Brad McGehee is a great one. He writes out a list of tasks of what a DBA can be responsible for and as I was reading the tasks, I was able to relate to almost all of them because this is what I do daily, among other things. Along with the explanation of tasks, the author writes about specialties that a DBA can get into. I have had conversations with my fellow bloggers about the path to take as a DBA and it basically comes down to what you are passionate about. Me coming from a system administrator background, I lean more towards the DBA System Administrator role with a sprinkle of DR specialist.

So the next time I get asked the question, “What do you do for work?” I can point them to Chapter 24 of the Deep Dives book and that will give a better explanation of what I do for work.

Thank you for reading along. Have a great rest of the week.


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