What do you do for a Living?

About 15 years ago I got really tired of explaining to family and friends that weren’t technical on what a DBA was. I ended up telling everyone that asked that I was the head Fry guy at Mc D’s, I was really excited because if I continued doing well I would be promoted to the shake machine. Please don’t take this as a poke at the hard working people deep frying my fries. I just found it easier to explain. People can see the outcome of the Fry guy, it manifests itself as a tasty side dish to a burger that at best is %50 grease. Brad Mc GeHee, is very clear with what his goal is with Chapter 24. The point of the chapter is to answer the question, “What does it mean to be a DBA”.

I am not sure if you are familiar with Brad’s work, I know there are some books in there that he has done along with twitter and a Blog and a web site that first captured my attention. SQLServerPeformance.com. Brad’s work is one of my favorites. His material is put together real well. Brad speakers to the readers very well and has a great way to explain these topics. This chapter is no different, then his other work it is a great resource that I think I will use for years to come.

So if you asking yourself what do I do for a living, or what if you asked to write a job description for your position? This is the source you can use to help you pick and choose your tasks and then customize to have a professional job description.


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