Keeping in Touch on the Road

Have you have decided that you wanted to test a new feature, or at least a feature that was new to you?  You don’t take the time to read up on it, you just put it on a server somewhere that you don’t think anyone will find.  Why should you advertise it, your testing or playing or testing ok playing, right?  Well either way it was intended to be a learning experience, and before you know it, someone has put something related to production on it.  OK maybe it’s too soon for me to talk about it.  End result is most don’t want to put something in production until they have tested it and know how to maintain it. But then the question is how to you learn to support it?

It all starts with the right strategy, and it doesn’t matter if its replication, the latest version of SQL Server or mobile installations.  Without some strategy you are leaving yourself in a position where you are at mercy of the unknown.  The chapter this week is a continuation of the last mobile SQL Server chapter.  You will learn about ways to keep the data in synch along with other information you need to have a successful implementation.  If you are looking at doing SQL Server on a mobile device this is a must read chapter.

This is the last chapter in this section of the book and I must say that the book does not disappoint.  If you have been following the blog and have not picked up the SQL Server Deep Dives book I am not sure there is more we can do to persuade you. We welcome guest reviews and for more information check out the link at the top of the page.


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