SQL Server in your pocket

One of the challenges when working with all the companies’ data is making sure that all that data is available to everyone who needs it where they need it and when they need it. Think about a package you have received lately from the major delivery companies, there systems can be used as a great example. When you sign for the package, or in my case when they dump my new electronic equipment on your door step in the snow, the company zaps your package with a bar code reader and they update their database so anyone following the package knows it has been delivered. The database is updated near real time.

Another example of this is when your company has sales people in the field that are out and about trying to sell a product. The company is going to want to know that the sales people have all the information they need at hand so there is no obstacles during the sale. The sales person is going to want to make sure that the inventory is there and they know how long it will take to produce the product to the client. Either way, I hope you can see the value of having all the data you need when and where you need it.

SQL Server gives you options, if there is nothing else you learn from this chapter I think the key point is that options are there for you. You have the information at hand that will allow you to make a good recommendation when and if the question comes up. The chapter by Christopher Fairbairn gives you the information that you need. Question on how to deploy this mobile version, what the architecture looks like and use of the tools is the core of this chapter. The next chapter looks like we are going to take an even deeper look at SQL Server Mobile.


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