Placing SQL Server in your Pocket

Placing SQL Server in your pocket…Chapter 22 in the SQL Deep Dives book goes into how to have SQL Server more mobile friendly by using the SQL Server Compact edition. The author writes about various items for compact edition from design goals to programming support. I think I have only used compact edition once, all other times and now, I use or have installed full versions of SQL server. The scenario that comes to mind is: SQL Server Enterprise edition = fully loaded luxury car vs. SQL Server Compact edition = base model car. They both perform several functions that are similar. Get you from point A to point B (database access), will seat at least one person comfortably(database housing), has an engine(service to run the program). Some of the differences are: Luxury almost requires high octane gas, while base model can use lower octane gas – look at this as cpu and memory. Enterprise runs better with a higher end cpu vs.  Compact only needing a few cycles of memory and not necessarily the higher end cpu. Which brings me to my next comparison, luxury car (enterprise) is larger and takes up plenty of space, while base model car (compact) only requires very little amount of space.

There are positives and negatives to having both. SQL Server Compact edition is really more for a mobile person who may be out in the field a lot or someone who really does not want a lot of overhead. This chapter has made me more interested in SQL Server CE. I may have to install it onto a laptop give it a go. As long as I can get from point A to point B, I really don’t care how I get there, just as long as I get there.

Thank you for reading this week. Have a good one!


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