Guest Review by Tim Ford

Chapter 19 of the MVP Deep Dives Book covers the topic of custom keyboard shortcuts in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).  Written by SQL Server MVP Pawel Potasinkski of Poland.  Pawel highlights the ability to assign keystroke combinations to a block of Transact-SQL code inside of SSMS as a way to increase productivity by omitting the need to type code that we SQL Server DBAs use on a daily basis.

 The process is simple: by navigating the menu you can launch a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows you to assign the code to the keystroke combination of your chosing.

 Pawel goes on to state that he has set up code shortcuts to:

  • Search for database objects by name
  • Scripting of database objects
  • Selecting sample rows from a table

 While a short chapter, it is interesting to see how others use productivity tools inside SQL Server Management Studio.

Tim Ford is a SQL Server MVP from Kalamazoo, Michigan and Principal SQL Server DBA and SME for Spectrum Health.  He’s been working with SQL Server in one form or another since the beginning of the century. (It sounds better than when he says 10 years.)  Tim is a volunteer for The Professional Association For SQL Server (PASS), the Chapter Leader for the West Michigan SQL Server Users Group, Blogger (thesqlagentman.com), Community Speaker, and Author.  Along with Brent Ozar – SQL Server MVP, MCM – he is the force behind SQL Cruise (SQLCruise.com) – specializing in Advanced SQL Server training in exotic locations.  Tim is active on Twitter as @SQLAgentMan and @SQL11.  What little free time he has is spent with his sons, wife, camera, and Zune.


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