Extending your productivity…

Extending your productivity in SSMS and Query Analyzer…I really like to type out T-SQL code. I guess I am one of the really geeky ones. I grew up writing formulas in BASIC and I thought it was way cool. It is just easier for me to open a query window and type out what I want to do versus searching and hunting for that same function in the gui.

Although, if I do search for said command and find it in the gui, I will script it out and save it and save even more time if I have to use it later.  Granted there some things that may be faster to pull up in the gui but I guess I am old school. I have probably used SSMS shortcuts maybe once or twice when I first got into SQL. That was a while ago and when I don’t use the commands very much, it is “out-of-sight, out-of-mind”. So when I started reading this chapter, I thought to myself “hey, I remember those” and immediately went in and created a bunch of shortcuts for some of the repetitive tasks that I do. This will help save some time and more than a few keystrokes.

Thanks again for joining/reading this week. Have  a great rest of the weekend.


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