CTRL + 1 = “How did he do that”

I am not sure what I think is cooler. I know that I live in one part of the world and in my part of the world we read and write English, But I love some of the screen shots from Pawel Potasinski. Pawel is from Poland I believe, and the idea of SQL Server having buttons in another language is not hard to believe, I have just never seen it.

One of the really neat side effects of this chapter is the fact that you can jump right on your own system, follow the instructions and you are seeing positive results right off the bat. I had seen this dialog box a number of times, and I just have never played with it. And now all the sudden I can see a number of uses for it. There has been a slight change with the SQL Server 2008 SSMS so you may have to look a little bit more to find the Keyboard shortcut configuration dialog, but it is well worth it.

The target audience is always something difficult for an author to write to, well for me at least it is. I never know if I should cover some of the foundation topics before I go a bit deeper or if I am taking up landscape and time with information that not everyone can use. This chapter on the other hand is such a breath of fresh air… As a DBA that has been using SSMS I found helpful information in the chapter that pointed me in all sort of directions. As someone who is new to SSMS, this is a great place to start and learn many of the tricks of the trade. I wish other tools in the Microsoft family came with a chapter like this one.


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