LINQ to SQL…So this chapter goes into LINQ to SQL and ADO.NET entity framework. In my career as a SQL DBA, I have asked about LINQ to SQL and 99 percent of the time I was told that it performs poorly and to stay away from it. Now in this chapter, the author presents the negatives or concerns one may have with LINQ to SQL and addresses them with great explanations. From poor performance to tuning LINQ to SQL queries. This was great because it gave me a clearer view of how LINQ to SQL works and how it accesses data. There is a lot more to it that I would like to read up on because I am a curious person and I like learning. As with anything there are is always a good and a bad and LINQ to SQL is no exception. If used correctly, it can help a lot but if not, you will have some major performance issues.

If you are like me and had always wondered about LINQ to SQL, this chapter is a great read.

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