Using XML to get the Answers

Do you know what a discography is? Well to remove all the suspense it is all the information about recorded music. It could be anything from who wrote it or recorded it maybe even how many copies were sold in each state. End result is very few people don’t like music. When you understand the topic in an example it makes the example all the much easier to read and understand. There is the association factor, this is a key thing I try to do when I am trying to explain a topic. In the chapter “Using XML to transport relation data” Matija Lah gives you examples that I think are going to help you to understand the topic.

As much as we all understand that an album can be recorded by one or more artists, with one or more songs along with many other attributes. Can you model it not only in a relational model but also in a model that is created inside XML. The chapter does not stop there, it continues with how to move data in to the same model that you just created along with getting data out of that model. Here comes the xPath and xQuery… this chapter even comes with a few tips that Matija uses to help you understand the topics.

Once you have completed this chapter you should have all the information you need to generate that flow of data using XML to get there.


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