Chapter 11 – SQL Server XML frequently asked questions

In chapter 10 we read about the introduction to XML in SQL Server.  As part of that set of posts, we also had the opportunity to interview the author, Michael Coles.  That set of posts and the interview can be found here:  https://sqlperspectives.wordpress.com/category/chapter-10/

In Chapter 11, Michael really nailed all of the elements that I could think of when it comes to the questions I often hear about persisting XML data in SQL Server.  It’s an excellent chapter that I’m having trouble commenting on… Since it’s an FAQ; all of the questions that I could think to ask he answered in the chapter. 

The one item that I learned was around the distinction of bulk loading an XML document.  I’m not sure why this never dawned on me but clearly that’s one of the great values in this book.  As a result of this newly found gem, I did some research and found this article:  http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms191184.aspx  This goes into further depth around bulk inserting XML data and from what I’ve seen over the years is a widely missed aspect of XML implementations. 

One of the biggest misconceptions that I had was that SQL Server builds the XML document everytime you reference it.  I had always thought that XML was persisted as it’s own data model and the supporting data therein.  Little did I know that the database engine actually re-builds the document when it’s referenced.

All in all, an excellent chapter!


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