Intro to XQuery in SQL Server

Intro to XQuery…I will have to apologize for missing last week, I had some personal matters to attend to. Although it looks like our guest blogger, David Hadzima, Jeremy and Chris did an excellent job with their articles. Not to mention the interview with the author of the article, Kathi Kellenberger.

This latest article written by Michael Coles talks about the introduction to XQuery in SQL. I love learning new things, whether it’s related to SQL or of it is related to something that is totally apart from computers, like learning how to throw a knuckleball (which is tough to do but I think I almost have it down). When it comes to XQuery and using it, I am green as can be. So reading this chapter and learning about what it does and how it is used was great. You know when you are excited about something new you sit up straight in you chair and give it your full attention? That is what I experienced. I sat up on my chair straight and read the chapter all the way through (which is a feat in itself given the chapter has a lot of reading and my short attention span).

The author does a great job with explaining all the different XML operators and the comparable SQL operators.  FLWOR is a new acronym that I learned about in this chapter as well. It is short for: “For, Let, Where, Order By, Return” and is related to how you gather data using XQuery.  Like I said, there is a lot to read in this chapter. If you want to learn more about XQuery and how it is incorporated in SQL, this is the chapter to read.

I have looked ahead to the next couple of chapters in the book and there is more about XML and I am looking forward to reading more about it.

I hope you are enjoying the blog site. I surely am. Have a great weekend and please leave comments about the site or email us if you would like to be a guest blogger.


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