Dealing with the Bulk Operations

 I think most DBA’s understand that to really see the differences between different options you really need to see them side by side. So for example, if you were looking at getting a hybrid car and you read the label you may not understand exactly how many miles per gallon the car really gets, is it good is it bad or is it really the same? How do you test this? But if you had two cars that were identical in every way except one was a hybrid and one was not then you could see…

  • Differences in Power
  • Differences in Mileage or distance
  • Differences in cost to fill the car up after 100 miles

The same is true for most SQL Server activities. If you want to see if an index impact a query; then run the query without the index, clear the cache, build the index and run the query again. Denis Gobo does an excellent job is using this scientific method to show you how to take advantage of minimally logged operations. Denis is one of the founders of lessthandot.com and is a great resource when looking for direction with SQL Server.

To get the most of this chapter do yourself a favor and run the code that the chapter is talking about, this way not only do you read the information but you see the impacts first hand.


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