Error Handling

Error handling…In this chapter the author speaks about error handling and ways to capture errors. The Try…Catch scenario was mentioned in one of the earlier chapters and I was kind of excited to see this chapter went more in depth with it.

I think that error handling is one of the most important things that need to be captured. It not only helps with troubleshooting, it helps pinpoint the area(s) that you need to correct.

Coming from a troubleshooting background, I have seen many apps that don’t provide specific errors and the hunt for where to start begins. I have also seen many apps that do provide specific errors and I am able to correct it right away and the user goes on their merry way.

The author also goes into explaining how to handle errors for .NET apps that support try…catch. There are examples of how it is done and how to output the errors. Let me tell you, I love the examples. It give me the ability to run them and see for myself the results and maybe mess around with the values to see what different results I get.

This is another great chapter that you must read. I can’t stress enough how important error capturing is. Because if I see and error and it is non-descriptive, guess what, I am going to the developer and asking them to help troubleshoot this.

Thank you for reading our blog this week. I hope you are having as much fun as I am on this.

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