Gaps and islands…

Gaps and islands…In Fall 2008 I attended the DevConnections in Las Vegas and one of the sessions I attended was Itzik Ben-Gan’s T-SQL Tips and Tricks. I was advised by someone (can’t remember who) that Itzik is very passionate about t-sql. I thought, OK, what does that mean. It means that he starts off slow and then hits you with some serious queries. So I attended the session and it did start off with some simple t-sql and as it went on, I was amazed at how the simple queries became more and more complicated. By the end of the session I felt drenched with t-sql and the many ways you can gather the data that you need. Don’t get me wrong, if Itzik would be speaking or presenting again and I am in the area, I would definitely attend.

The chapter that he writes in this book is a perfect example of the many ways to gather or find data if you ever ran into the gaps and islands issue. Of course included in this chapter are examples of creating data and querying the data to find gaps and islands. He presents his different queries from simple to complex and the timings associated with the respective queries. I actually sat there for a little bit studying each of the different queries that he presented and then trying them for myself on test data. I went on and changed some of queries just to see what would happen if I did this or if I did that. So if you ever run into this type of issue, you can use one of the many queries for reference.

This was a great chapter just like others and I am looking forward to more great chapters.

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