Set Based Iterations – Section 2, Chapter 4

Set-based iterations…I must say that the in the four chapters that I have read, the examples that I have seen so far are awesome. I can copy the code (free electronic download when I bought the book) and run it against the Adventureworks database and walk through, with the book, the steps and actually see what is going on.

This latest chapter in which the author goes through the different ways to manipulate data using declarative and iterative coding is the fourth chapter in the second section of the Deep Dives book. So far, in each chapter I have learned something new and in this chapter I learned a couple of things. 1.  Using declarative code and iterative code to gather running totals of data. 2. Bin packing using iterative code.

The bin packing was the most interesting in this chapter because the author states that using declarative code to do the bin packing could be “measured in days, if not years.”

There is a link to his website/blog where he speaks more on bin packing using declarative code. I visited that link and let me tell you, there is a lot to read there for bin packing using declarative code not to mention that the word “disaster” is on the actual link. I will be going back to the site to finish reading up on bin stuff (plus there a lot of great content).

There it is for this week. If you live in the Denver area, don’t forget about the Rocky Mountain Tri-fecta this Saturday (2/27/2010). My fellow bloggers – Chris Shaw and Jeremy Lowell will be speaking at the event. Unfortunately, according to the schedule, they will be speaking on the same time slot. Hmmm – which one should I attend?


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