Part 2, Chapter 4

First off I would like to give a big shout out to each of the editors of the book. Paul Neilsen for Part 1, and Adam Machanic for Part 2. To be honest I cannot believe that we have already moved into the second part of this book. As I am doing this review I am in the middle of doing another blog, a column over at SSWUG and a book that I am working on. But I can tell you that catching up with my reading has been a pleasure. Thanks to Paul and Adam for Parts 1 and 2.

By experience I am a Database Administrator. This means I spend the majority of my time making sure systems are performing like they should and are patched. However over the course of time I have learned t-SQL. This however is going to be the area that I think I will learn the most from this book, and author Hugo Kornelis does not waste any time diving into it. I respect the fact that right off the bat Hugo talks about what is and is not the best way to query a database. Hugo tells us and shows us why we may want to look at one method over another.

I look up to the fact that Hugo talks about where each one of these methods is strong not just weak. Walking though the options and why someone would pick one method over another. If you are like I am the mere discussion of the benefits and negatives is just not enough… If this is you, then you better get another cup of coffee. There is plenty of sample code to help you not only see the points but understand them a bit better.

If you read this chapter and you think it is above you then take what you can out of it, take a break and come back later to absorb more, because from the issues I have seen in the past this is the chapter many people including me need to really understand without question.


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