Chapter 3 the normalization chapter

Chapter 3  the Last Chapter to the first section of database Design and Architecture of the Deep Dives book, is a focus on the normalization of your data and where the attributes of your data should reside.   Author Hugo Kornelis jumps into the subject matter by explaining what we need to look at by using a real world example. The example that Hugo uses points to a Domain Expert or what I refer to as a subject matter expert.  He then points all his examples to a common database or data structure that many of us understand, therefore using one of the methods that he is trying to teach in the chapter, by using a concrete example.

I should let you know that if this is a new subject to you or if you are reviewing the subject and really want to focus on the topic you may want to consider turning down all the music and moving yourself into a quiet location.  Distractions in early parts of the chapter are only going to lead you in the direction of not understand the whole chapter, and well to be frank about it, many people need to read and understand this.

There is a lot to be said for instruction materials where not only does it share the information that they are trying to get across but they continue to relate it back to the “real world”. It is obvious that Hugo is teaching from his real world experience. 

Well all 3 chapters so far have given me a lot of information and the book is very well written and organized into major sections.  This section was the design and architecture section and well it could have been the whole book.  I have to admit that I wish there was more information but maybe that is what the next book is for.  There is so much information at this point that I am not sure how more information could fit in here. 

It is Important to understand that this book is not like many of the other technical books out there.  This is individual chapters that are organized into subject areas.  These are not all encompassing, they are meant to be exactly what the title says,  a deep dive into the topic.


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