Chapter 3, Section 1- Functional Dependencies

Functional Dependencies…The author breaks down how he is able to find the functional dependencies and present different scenarios to the “domain expert” as he calls it. While reading this chapter, my thought was that he is building something, presenting it to the owner/customer and they (owner/customer) are giving feedback to you (builder) saying yes, no, change this, change that, etc… That was my interpretation of the chapter.  Is it a right interpretation of the chapter? Maybe. I was little confused, I must admit, but by putting it into my own “picture” I was able to understand it more.

Finding dependencies is important so that the final outcome on the front-end is correct. As this ties into the other two chapters in this section, it is very important to get the setup correct in the beginning so that you are not retro-fitting down the road or pushing out a crazy amount of hot fixes.

Apologies for the short post, my ADD is kicking in. oohh look, it’s snowing.


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