Chapter 1 – Design

“Ideas for database design” … So being the young padawan in the group, it is without mention that I will learn many things reading this book. The first chapter offers up ideas that, honestly, should be placed in a rule book somewhere. In most of the shops that I have worked in, there is usually some documentation somewhere that tells you how to setup, say, a server. In that documentation it has to get done this way…Or? The whole network will not work? The server can’t be accessed? Because it has always been done that way? How about – because these are the most optimum settings for our environment or because this is best practice.

If I were a new developer at a new job, this list of ideas would make its way onto my wall or maybe as a desktop background. Idea #9 would be highlighted – “Spaghetti is food, not code”. Not because I love spaghetti but because I have seen spaghetti code that would make your head spin. I asked myself, why is this so complicated to follow? Is there an easier way to decipher this? I never had a chance to ask the person who wrote the code so I took it as “this is the way it’s done” (and all the other coding was the same way). So when I read the portion in the book that talks about spaghetti coding, I smiled because there is always a better way.

So there is my first post about the book and also, this is the first blog I have ever done.

So you will have to excuse me in advance if there some rules that I may break about blogging. Maybe I can find something written somewhere about it…



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