Over the holidays I stumbled upon a book titled “SQL Server MVP Deep Dives”.  The book is written by a number of authors and they largely define the ‘who’s who’ in the SQL Server world.  As I began reading the book, I was struck by the authors’ decision to GIVE all of the proceeds away to charity.  Specifically the War Child International group (www.warchild.org).  Wow!

Due to the quality of the book, I wanted to go through it and blog about my take-away, chapter by chapter and then I had the idea of gaining additional perspectives on this book, so I rounded up a couple of great guys that I’ve had the pleasure of working with throughout the years and they have agreed to blog about their experiences as well.  My thought on this was simple… wouldn’t it be great to get three different view points from three different folks who have differing levels of experience and expertise in the field on the same subject, at the same time?  So, what we have put together is one SQL Server MVP, one Mid-Level DBA, a SQL Server Consultant / contractor and a guest writer (hopefully on a weekly basis).

By way of introduction, my name is Jeremy Lowell.  I’ve been doing SQL Server DBA, Development, Architecture, Performance Tuning and grunt work for the better part of 12 years now.  Over the last 6 years I’ve primarly been a consultant / contractor.  The other authors, Chris Shaw and Richard Rodriguez will post a note about themselves so that you can get to know them a bit better.

The format of this blog will be as follows.  Each week, each of the blog authors will read read a chapter and then blog about their own “take-away”.  This will be based on each contributor’s experience.  So there will likely be differing take-aways which I think will be just awesome!  Our intention is to post on one chapter, per week, on Thursdays.  At that pace, we will be done with this book in just over a year.

Each week we will also be looking for a “guest-blogger”.  So, order the book here: www.SQLServerMVPDeepDives.com.  Go through this with us and if there is a subject that you are passionate about or otherwise find of interest, shoot us an e-mail and you can be a guest-blogger.

I’d like to thank Paul  Nielsen for spearheading the effort on this book and encouraging us to get this blog going. 

In the event that there are any funds or endorsements that come about as a result of this blog, they too will be donated.

So, order the book, follow along with us on this journey and send us comments about your thoughts.  Again, if you are interested in being part of this blog from a contributor perspective, let us know which chapter you would like to contribute to.

Happy Trails!

Jeremy Lowell


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